History of The London Bulldog Society
Founded in 1891

The London Bulldog Society is the third oldest breed club in the world and the second oldest in the UK. It's existence spans three centuries.

It was founded in 1891 as the South London Bulldog Society but dropped the 'South' in 1901. An amalgamation in 1965 incorporated the North London Bulldog Association.

The fortunes of the society have waxed and waned over the decades. By 1909 there was a mem bership of over 500 but slumps in the 1930s and again in the 50's saw this figure drop to 50 by 1957. 

In 1958 John Alcock became secretary and with the assistance of his wife Sheila, herself secretary later, the 'London' experienced a renaissance. During the years of their leadership, the Society held such prestigious events as the Bulldog Rally at Woburn Abby in 1962, the 75th Anniversary Walk in Regents Park of 1966 and the Society's float in the 1967 Lord Mayors Show. 

Membership of The London Bulldog Society is currently in excess of 800.

The Society's 'Bulldog Broadsheet' is the longest continuously published magazine in the breed. Started by Sheila Alcock in 1958, it has now run to over 250 issues. Originally a bi-monthly publication its format has changed over the years and it is now a quarterly magazine edited since 1986 by Susan Jay. 

General Code of Ethics